Friday, April 16, 2010

Big Beautiful Picture

Click on this photo and look at it as close as you can. Seriously, make it as big as possible...go ahead and press your nose right up against the screen:

What do you see? As you can probably tell, this is photo is actually a mosaic made up of hundreds of tiny little pictures having absolutely nothing to do with Vincent Van Gogh or his original Starry Night. This mosaic photo hung above my couch in an old apartment of mine for years, and just recently it got me thinking.

We have great days, we have shitty days. There are weeks when we just can't seem to get ourselves together and there are months when it just seems like we can do no wrong. We say the absolute right things sometimes and other times we put our feet directly in our mouths. We can be lost and wandering and we can be right on track. We can be someone's best friend and we can be someone's worst enemy. We feel great about ourselves one day and in the dumps the next. Thats life. And its beautiful.

For all I know, that Starry Night photo mosaic could be made from blurry pictures of people kicking puppies or wrecking their bikes or giving the finger to the camera. Or they could be amazing photos of rainbows and butterflies and donuts...who knows. But for my money I'm going to say that there is probably a good mix of both, some good, some bad, and some right in between. Kind of like different times in our lives. When we're having a particulary bad day or week, its often difficult to realize that experience is just one of literally thousands making up our lives. Its like our nose is pressed up against the screen and all we can see is what's happening right now. The same goes for good times as well. But its not until we step back and look at all our photos, all of our experiences, that we can truly see the big, beautiful picture that is our lives.

; )


JIM said...

If nobody comments on your blog, is anybody reading it? Probably not bro. How about more interesting topics, like what Stroker Ace did in college.

Janie said...

I just read this again today and remembered how much I love it. Keep writing.